Where the hell is “Hortatory Exposition?!”

I spent my weekend looking for the native audio and video of a  text type known as “hortatory exposition.” Alas, I found nothing other than the same texts that are used over and over and over and over…

like this, only more disturbing

How come? Let me show you one of my reserches. This one is the simplest because it’s Google. Why? Just because.

1. One! Know your enemy!

Well for some reason people like to search something unspecific inside Google. Like inputting “tree” when looking for an extremely specific information about tree that could dance; or inputting “sex” when trying to figure why cats are so cute. Anyway, here’s a screenshot.

click to enlarge“So I need to look for hortatory exposition.. uh-huh, hmm… I see I see… Oh! So that’s it! I found nothing!”

OK, I’ve entered not-so-specific piece of information. But tell you what, it doesn’t matter for this case. If you do a normal search, it automatically searches from Indonesian pages anyways. So I set the specific language and location into oh-so-faraway-land-of-cowboys.

And guess what happened?

click to enlarge“Um… does the search result help me? Yes! Of course not are  you dumb!!?”

2. Two! Analyze!

Don’t look at the red square yet. Whoops, that’s impossible now I think. So as you can see, the search result didn’t seem to help me at all. Look at those links. This is already the first page, yet, all the webpages seemed to end with a relation to Indonesia. Don’t be mistaken by the first entry. If you open it and look at the bottom of the page, it showed around 60.000 Indonesian has opened the website (with comparison to some hundreds and mostly two digits).

Now it’s the time to look at the… let’s say the most reliable source of information around there. It showed…

click to enlarge

…..o ok

3. Three! Find the Evidence!

Can you see it? If you can’t, then try looking back. There’s Chuck Norris waiting for you. This site –whilst looks like a reliable source of hortatory exposition– is again from Indonesia. Concentrate your eyes onto the right side of the page. Can you see it? You still can’t!!? I can’t believe you!

4. Four! Kill Them All!

“Help! Heeeelp!”

Now you get the gist of it, don’t you?

5. Five! Conclude!

In conclusion, I hereby stated that :

Hortatory Exposition does not exist in American language study of text types.


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